Tyranny of Dragons

Session #1 Recap

Oh my god, it's a dragon!!

The evening started out with all 5 players – Zack, Cameron, Thaddeous, Dylan, and Zander – creating their characters.  After the character basics were created and we were ready to play, the great epic began…

The party had been traveling for days on their way to the Feast of the Elders in Candlekeep.  As evening was nearing, the weary party were looking forward to a nights rest at the Blue Centaur's Inn in Greenest when they crested the last hill before the town.  However, instead of finding a quaint, little town getting ready to settle down for the night, they see that the town is being attacked and besieged by an army of kobolds and – what seem to be members of the Cult of the Dragon – oh, and the attack is being supported by a giant blue dragon!!

Putting their own safety at risk, they heroically charge into the town to help the townsfolk repel the invaders.  They enter the town through the south gate and are immediately thrown into the action.  Only a few feet inside the gate, a family of 4 – a wife, husband, and their two children rush past them screaming for help.  Soon, the party realizes that they were being chased by 6 kobolds and 2 cultists!  A battle ensued.  [dylan's character] dashed through the chaos and made sure the husband and children were safe while the rest of the party challenged the raiders head-on.  Although there were some injuries made to the party, they defeated the raiders and saved the family from further harm.  During the fray, [zack's character], made a huge spectacle when he charged the enemy and, with one swing, throat punched a Cultist so mightily, they found his body three miles away!  

After the battle, the woman, Linan Swift and her husband, explain to the party of heroes that the raiders have been attacking for several hours and are looting and pillaging the town at will.  The only safe place is the keep in the center of the town and, if they hurried, they could make it to safety but, they must hurry.

With the family in tow, the party fought their way through the town – saving another 4 townsfolk from certain doom as they defeated another raiding party of 6 more kobolds.  Finally, they made it to the keep – just in time – as they were the last group of people through the giant gates before they were shut and barricaded.

Taking a moment to look around, they see that the keep is filled with panicked and dazed townspeople.  Some of them are injured and some are running around from parapet to parapet trying to keep up the defense of the keep as best they can.  [zander's character] took pity on some of the injured and used his healing abilities before the party decided to take a rest and try to heal themselves and make sense of what is going on….



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